Shipping Policy

All non-free products are offered with Free Shipping. All free products require you to pay for shipping. Please allow between 1 to 2 months of processing your order, shipping, and delivery as we work with various suppliers worldwide. During issues of worldwide significance, such as pandemics, or circumstances which result in shipment delays, products may take longer to arrive. We are not responsible if you receive any inaccurate info on our policies other than what appears on our website. Our products are in high demand around the world, and thus shipping times may vary. Depending on your order, some of your products may come from different suppliers.

Please note that if you purchase multiple, different products, they may arrive to your home at different times if they come from different suppliers. However, this is not an issue as you will be provided any tracking numbers that are provided to us accordingly. Some discounted shipping rates may not offer tracking numbers, but you may choose to have us not discount the shipping rate if you need a tracking number. Any further questions may be sent to [email protected]

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